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Programmable Logic Controller

Now you can seamlessly implement automation in your electromechanical processes with GIC’s Programmable Logic controller. It is a real-time system designed for multiple input and output arrangements and has applications in both, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Smart Relay

Micro PLC  Mini PLC

Smart Relay  

  • Supports up to 48 I/Os (32 Digital Inputs & 16 Digital Outputs)
  • 250 lines of ladder programming
  • 16 soft text messages, Time Switches, Compare Counters, Timers, Counters & 12 Analog functions, 4 Hour Meters
  • DST Feature Available
  • Backlit LCD Screen for display & modification of pre-selected parameters of functional blocks, viewing I/O status and programming on the device
  • PC software for programming, online & offline simulation, documentation & printing
  • Designed for use in automation for commercial & Industrial sectors
Smart Relay


Smart Relay  

  • Nx-Comm RS 485 Module
Mini Plc


Mini PLC PL – 100

  • Supports up to 112 IOs
  • Relay Base & MOSFET Low Side Base modules
  • Stacking using FRC cable up to maximum 6 Expansion Modules
  • Isolated Digital Inputs with sourcing & sinking capability
  • Isolated Digital Transistorized Outputs (Low Side and High side driver)
  • High-Speed Inputs – Single / Quadrature (1x/2x/4x)
  • High-Speed Outputs (PTO / PWM / S-Profile)
  • Analog Voltage/Current Inputs and Outputs of 0-10 V / 4-20 mA
  • PC Software for programming, online & offline simulation
  • Standard RS232/RS485 port with RJ11 for HMI/SCADA Interface
  • Modbus RTU support
  • 128 Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Time Switches each
  • Multiple Timers, Counters including retentive counters, Hour meters & many more function blocks
GSM Controller


GSM Controller

  • Load can be made ON / OFF using a mobile phone from remote location either by making an IVRS call, missed call or sending SMS to the device
  • Device is suitable for Single Phase and Three Phase supply
  • Device is compatible with SASD, FASD & DOL starters and controllers
  • One Master and two other Master or Monitor numbers can be configured to control and monitor the Load operation
  • Load can be operated in Manual Mode, GSM Auto Mode, Timer Mode, Retentive Timer Mode or Multiple Daily Timer Mode
  • Wire antenna for flexible positioning to get proper signal strength
  • User can get information of events like Load ON/OFF, Phase error, Error recovery, Power Fail, Power ON,
    Phase fail, Contactor pick up fault through SMS and call back from device
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Powered with Android App “M-Remote”
GSM Alarm Modern


GSM Alarm Modem

  • GSM Alarm Modem is specifically designed to provide GSM features to Mini PLC PL-100
  • GSM Alarm Modem enables monitoring of inputs, outputs and controlling of outputs of Mini PLC PL-100 through SMS facility
  • The preset and current value related to special function blocks (SFB) that are available in the ladder logic can be monitored
  • Analog input and output values can also be effectively monitored and controlled
  • Diagnostic information about all the inputs and outputs of devices connected in the System is available for users
  • Device and Clock settings can be configured by sending respective queries to the device
  • User can integrate Special Function Blocks such as Send and Receive SMS along with others like Timers, Time Switches,
    Counters, etc. for various applications
  • Alert messages can be received from the GSM Alarm modem depending on the ladder logic
  • Power Failure condition can also be effectively

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