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Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic controller is used to monitor inputs, and depending upon their states, it makes decisions based on its program or logic so as to control (turn ON/OFF) its outputs to automate a machine or a process.

Programmable Logic Controller can control a wide variety of devices to support User’s automation needs. The Programmable Logic Controller monitors inputs and changes outputs as controlled by the user program, which can include Boolean logic, counting, timing, complex math operations and communications with other intelligent devices. The compact design, flexible configuration and powerful instruction sets are combined to make the Programmable Logic Controller a perfect solution for controlling a wide variety of applications.

Now you can seamlessly implement automation in your electromechanical processes with GIC’s Programmable Logic controller. It is a real-time system designed for multiple input and output arrangements and has applications in both, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Smart Relay

Micro PLC  Mini PLC

Smart Relay  

  • Supports up to 48 I/Os (32 Digital Inputs & 16 Digital Outputs)
  • 250 lines of ladder programming
  • 16 soft text messages, Time Switches, Compare Counters, Timers, Counters & 12 Analog functions, 4 Hour Meters
  • DST Feature Available
  • Backlit LCD Screen for display & modification of pre-selected parameters of functional blocks, viewing I/O status and programming on the device
  • PC software for programming, online & offline simulation, documentation & printing
  • Smart relay is used in automation for commercial & Industrial sectors
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Smart Relay


Smart Relay  

  • Nx-Comm RS 485 Module
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Mini Plc


Mini PLC PL – 100

  • Supports up to 112 IOs
  • Relay Base & MOSFET Low Side Base modules
  • Stacking using FRC cable up to maximum 6 Expansion Modules
  • Isolated Digital Inputs with sourcing & sinking capability
  • Isolated Digital Transistorized Outputs (Low Side and High side driver)
  • High-Speed Inputs – Single / Quadrature (1x/2x/4x)
  • High-Speed Outputs (PTO / PWM / S-Profile)
  • Analog Voltage/Current Inputs and Outputs of 0-10 V / 4-20 mA
  • PC Software for programming, online & offline simulation
  • Standard RS232/RS485 port with RJ11 for HMI/SCADA Interface
  • Mini PLC has Modbus RTU support
  • 128 Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Time Switches each
  • Multiple Timers, Counters including retentive counters, Hour meters & many more function blocks
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GSM Controller


GSM Controller

  • Load can be made ON / OFF using a mobile phone from remote location either by making an IVRS call, missed call or sending SMS to the device
  • Device is suitable for Single Phase and Three Phase supply
  • Device is compatible with SASD, FASD & DOL starters and controllers
  • One Master and two other Master or Monitor numbers can be configured to control and monitor the Load operation
  • Load can be operated in Manual Mode, GSM Auto Mode, Timer Mode, Retentive Timer Mode or Multiple Daily Timer Mode
  • Wire antenna for flexible positioning to get proper signal strength
  • User can get information of events like Load ON/OFF, Phase error, Error recovery, Power Fail, Power ON,
    Phase fail, Contactor pick up fault through SMS and call back from device
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Powered with Android App “M-Remote”
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GSM Alarm Modern


GSM Alarm Modem

  • GSM Alarm Modem is specifically designed to provide GSM features to Mini PLC PL-100
  • GSM Alarm Modem enables monitoring of inputs, outputs and controlling of outputs of Mini PLC PL-100 through SMS facility
  • The preset and current value related to special function blocks (SFB) that are available in the ladder logic can be monitored
  • Analog input and output values can also be effectively monitored and controlled
  • Diagnostic information about all the inputs and outputs of devices connected in the System is available for users
  • Device and Clock settings can be configured by sending respective queries to the device
  • User can integrate Special Function Blocks such as Send and Receive SMS along with others like Timers, Time Switches,
    Counters, etc. for various applications
  • Alert messages can be received from the GSM Alarm modem depending on the ladder logic
  • Power Failure condition can also be effectively
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