Time Switches

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Time Switches

GIC manufactures Time Switches in both analog and digital versions that perform the function of controlling the opening and closing of electrical circuits based on a predetermined schedule.

Astronomical time switches are programmed to control various loads or electronic utilities routinely according to sunrise and sunset times are also available.

Time switch Fm series

Time Switch FM Series

  • Modular Construction
  • Inbuilt over-ride facility
  • High switching capacity
  • Tamper proof sealing
  • Analog & Digital Version
  • Daily / Weekly programming
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Time Switches

Digital Time Switches

  • Precise time programming for Daily / Weekly / Pulse switching
  • 25 ON/OFF programs
  • Weekend exclusion (FRI SAT or SAT-SUN) and Weekly OFF programming
  • LED indication of Relay status
  • 12 / 24 hr. display formats
  • 6 years battery reserve
  • Simple Reset & Manual override
  • Settable DST & Keypad Lock Feature
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