Astronomical Time Switches

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Astronomical Time Switches

GIC manufactures Time Switches in both analog and digital versions that perform the function of controlling the opening and closing of electrical circuits based on a predetermined schedule.

Astronomical time switches are programmed to control various loads or electronic utilities routinely according to sunrise and sunset times are also available.

Time Switch


Astronomical Time Switch

  • Astronomical time switch in 35mm size
  • Latitude / Longitude precise to the minute with time zone
  • Sunrise / Sunset or Twilight rise/ set trigger modes
  • Ease of programming & navigation
  • DST offset / OFF hours weekly OFF features
  • 12/24 hours display format
  • 6 years battery reserve
  • Easy Manual override
  • Ideal for outdoor & street lighting application
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Astronomical time Switch

Astronomical Time Switches

  • Dynamic and accurate control based on astronomical mathematics
  • Sunrise / Sunset or Twilight rise / set trigger
  • Yearly programming with season mode, DST, Offset, Off hours enabled
  • Protection against under voltage and over voltage
  • Alternate Mode with Auto load changeover feature
  • Three independent channel outputs
  • Active Phase selection
  • Manual override facility
  • Single phase and three phase versions
  • Modbus Communication
  • User-friendly software for device configuration
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