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Temperature Controller

Temperature Controllers, as the name suggests, are used to control temperature. GIC manufactures ON/OFF Temperature Controllers that follow a very simple principle. To elaborate on the principal, after a set point is fixed for heating control, the output is switched on when the temperature is below the set point, and switched off when it is above the set point to keep the temperature at a desired level.

PID Temperature Controller Series PR 69

  • Universal Input
  • Configurable Output combination
  • Configurable: Band, Deviation, Sensor break & Loop break alarms
  • Single/Dual acting PID controllers with 5 Control modes
  • Auto-tuning PID with provision for Soft-Start
  • 6 Segment Ramp & Soak profile with Power Failure resumption modes
  • Rapid Set Point change feature
  • RS 485 Communication
  • Bumpless Auto-Manual transfer
  • IP 20 (for Terminal & Enclosure) IP 40 (for for Front Panel only)
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ON-OFF Temperature Controller Series PR 43

  • Highly Accurate Performance.
  • Luxurious Single 3-digit LED Display.
  • Wide supply range:110-240VAC (Un),-20 to +10% of Un.
  • Front keypad with 4 keys.
  • Thermocouple (J & K)/RTD 3-wire (Pt-100) sensor inputs.
  • Control Modes: Proportional, ON-OFF Asymmetric, ON-OFF Symmetric.
  • °C & °F temperature unit selectable
  • Control Output: Relay & SSR Drive (Individual products)
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Temperature Control Relay

  • Wide ambient Temperature monitoring & controlling range with inbuilt temperature sensor.
  • Protection Relay against variations of the ambient temperature set point (StH & StL)
  • 3 digit LCD display for Real time Temperature Indication.
  • User adjustable offset (-10°C to +10°C)
  • LED indication for Relay Trip.
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PT-100 Temperature Control Relay

  • Wide operating Supply Range 24V to 240V AC/DC.
  • Two analog outputs of 0 to 10V DC.
  • Sensor Fault detection (open/short) indication through LED’s as well as Analog outputs.
  • LED Indications for power ON and relay ON status display.
  • Adjustable wide temperature range from -50°C to 300°C through DIP switches.
  • Auto/Manual reset mode selectable through DIP switch.
  • Relay Normal/Inversion mode selectable through DIP switch.
  • High load switching capacity of output up to 10A.
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