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Hour Meters

When time is the main focus and a process needs to be made more effective, efficient and safe, Timers are used. The energy efficient GIC digital meters are used to determine how long a machine has been running, or to start or stop a process.

hour meter Hour Meter Series HM 36
hours meter

Hour Meter Series HM 36

  • Robust design with high degree of accuracy and compact size
  • Frequency independent for AC applications
  • Indicates operating time in hours and tenths with running indicators
  • Totally sealed from dust and moisture
  • Panel mountable with 7 bezel options
  • Non - resettable
  • 6 digit version with automatic recycle to zero
  • Wide supply voltage range: 4-30V AC/DC, 10-80V DC & 90-264V AC
  • Shock & Vibration Proof

Thumb11 Digital Hour Meter

Digital Hour Meter

  • 6-digit LCD
  • In-built non - volatile memory (EEPROM) offering exceptional reliability
  • Wide range of supply voltage
  • Remote reset
  • Available in 3 different shaped Bezels
  • Low Power Consumption (0.8VA Max.)
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