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Water Level Control In Residential And Commercial Buildings Using Liquid Level Controller


In residential and commercial buildings, it is required to monitor water level in storage tanks in order to avoid over spillage of water and dry running of a water pump.


In residential and commercial buildings, the liquid level controller from GIC is used to control the operation of water pump based on the water levels from both the storage tanks. The water levels are sensed by three immersed electrode sensors (upper, middle, lower) in both the tanks. Thus the controller can effectively monitor the water level and control the operation of pump to avoid over spillage of water and dry running of water pump.

  • Adjustable sensitivity level from 1K to 200K Ohm
  • Enables maximum utilization of incoming liquid (e.g. water) supply
  • Specially designed corrosion and shock resistant stainless steel material sensors to ensure trouble-free operation
  • Fully automatic operation enabling both draining and filling simultaneously with a single device

Measuring Running Hours Application Using HM 36


It is required to measure the working hours of the engines powered by motors, compressors and generators in order to schedule periodic maintenance.


Typically, in an engine powered by motors, compressors and generators periodic maintenance is scheduled based on the number of running hours. HM36 Hour meter from GIC is an instrument that tracks and records elapsed time, normally displayed in hours and tenths of hours. The majority of hour meters are used to log running time of equipment to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems. Mainly hour meters are used for the purpose of yearly maintenance of the machine, warranty claim of a machine, in case of resale of a machine, assessing equipment rental hours and monitoring power outages. The various AC/DC supply voltage range of HM36 makes it indispensable for several applications.

  • Frequency independent for AC application
  • Totally sealed from dust and moisture
  • Shock and vibration proof