Machine and Industrial Automation

Pressure Booster Pump Control Using Smart Relay Genie-Nx


In a water distribution system in large buildings, it is required to operate four pumps in cyclic manner and maintain the overall water pressure in the pipe for the optimum utilization of water. The water level from both upper and lower tank needs to be monitored to avoid pumps from dry running or over spillage of water.


A simple solution is to use Smart Relay Genie-Nx from GIC.

  • I1, I2, I3, I4 are the pressure switches for the respective pumps.
  • I5 and I6 for Upper level and Lower level input for monitoring the level.
  • I7, I8, I9, I10 are the inputs for voltage trip indication.
  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 are the outputs for the respective pumps.
  • Q5 hooter for trip indication.

In order to protect the pumps from excess running, a ladder logic is developed to maneuver pumps in cyclic manner for load sharing there by increasing the operational redundancy of the system. In order to maintain the pressure of water across all the floors, the pumps are operated based on the input from the pressure switches. Whenever the water level reaches the predefined higher/lower limit pumps will be turned OFF and trip indication will be signaled by hooter to avoid dry running or over spillage of water. The pump will resume its normal operation as soon as the water level reaches to a predefined level set by the customer. The G-soft NX II software designed for Smart Relay Genie-Nx, makes it convenient for the end users to build customized ladder programs for several applications.


  • Supports up to 48 I/O s
  • 250 lines of ladder programming
  • Backlit LCD screen for display & modification of pre-selected parameter of functional blocks, viewing I/O status and programming on the device
  • PC software for programming, online & offline simulation, documentation and printing
  • 16 soft text messages, Time switches, compare counters, timers, Hour meters, counters and analog functions
  • DST feature available

Portable Organic Waste Composting Machine Using Mini PLC PL-100, Liquid Level Controller and Temperature Controller


In a portable organic waste composting machine, it is required to monitor and control temperature, moisture level as well as proper mixing of garbage in order to produce the perfect compost manure.


Mini PLC PL-100 along with the Temperature controller PR43 and Liquid Level Controller(LLC) from GIC are used in this application. The liquid level of the input garbage is sensed by liquid level controller and the corresponding feedback is provided to the PLC. Based on this input, PLC gives further command to regulate the temperature of heater to control the moisture level of input garbage. To ensure proper and periodic mixing of input garbage the mixer is effectively controlled by PLC for the forward and reverse operation. Interlinking LLC and temperature controller with PLC helps in achieving the highest quality of compost manure.


  • Analog voltage and current input/output of 0-10V/4-20mA
  • Multiple Timers, Counters including retentive counters, Hour meters
  • Modbus RTU support
  • Control output: Relay & SSR Drive

Industrial Washing Machine Application Using Digital Time Switch Crono


In a manufacturing unit, it is required to control and monitor the washing cycle of products as per the worker shift timings in order to reduce wastage of resources.


Industrial washing machines are used to wash mechanical parts with the help of petrochemical solution. Normally it is required to initiate the washing process before the worker’s shift timing in order save time and reduce process cycle time. This is achieved by using DC variant of Digital Time Switch Crono. Inbuilt RTC feature helps to automatically control the duration of washing cycle as per the shift timings. 25 on/off programs and 6 years battery reserve makes Crono indispensable for process optimization.


  • Delayed on or off switching of groups of loads
  • Fast, reliable and secure protection against tampering
  • Operating cost can be drastically reduced

Garbage Chute Application Using Mini PLC PL-100


In high rise residential buildings, it is required to monitor and control garbage chute in order to avoid multiple handling of the system and to ensure proper segregation of dry and wet waste.


Typically, in a garbage chute application, there is a possibility of multiple individuals trying to access the garbage chute at the same time. To avoid any accidental damage to the individuals, the Mini PLC PL-100 from GIC is used to effectively monitor and control the access points of garbage chute installed at every floor of the building. Door sensors of the garbage chute at each floor are linked with the PLC and this enables to govern the operation with precise timing and provides access to single user at a time. Depending on the user selection of dry and wet waste the diversion flap at the bottom of the garbage chute is controlled to effectively segregate the waste. The wet, dry and busy conditions are indicated on the display of the garbage chute.


  • Analog voltage and current input/output of 0-10V/4-20mA
  • High speed input/output
  • Multiple Timers, Counters including retentive counters, Hour meters
  • Modbus RTU support

Cold Storage Control Using Digital Time Switch Crono


In the conventional cold storage application, it is required to operate two air conditioner units automatically one after the other in order to distribute load and save energy.


In order to maintain the temperature in the cold storage, high capacity air conditioners are installed so that the perishable products can be preserved and stored effectively. The digital time switch Crono from GIC is used to automatically switch ON/OFF air conditioner units as per predefined schedule in order to distribute load and save significant amount of energy. This helps to avoid the over usage of air conditioner units thereby reducing maintenance costs.


  • Delayed on or off switching for groups of loads
  • Fast, reliable and secure protection against tampering
  • Operating cost can be drastically reduced


Ever since its inception, GIC has always strived to set benchmarks in the Electronic Control and Timing Device manufacturing industry, through it's focused pursuit of excellence.

Our passion to create better quality products that are also environmentally tenable has led to many innovations over the years.


  • 1974

    General Industrial Controls Established as a Private Limited Company.

  • 1982

    Chamber of Commerce for Prestigious Parkhe Award instituted by Maratha instituted by the Institute of Product Innovation and Udyog Patra Award Trade & Development.

  • 1984

    Technical Collaboration with Legrand, France for Time switches.

  • 1990

    Microcontroller based Timer under MICON ® Launch of the first series.

  • 1998

    Technical Collaboration with Emerson Appliance Controls, for the manufacture of Defrost timers.

  • 1999

    Technical Collaboration with Grässlin GmBH Germany for the manufacture of Time switches and Hour meters

  • 2004

    Launch of Micro Programmable Logic Controller

  • 2005

    Launch of Astro ® – the Microcontroller based Astronomical Time Switch

  • 2006

    Quality Award instituted by Entrepreneurs' International for achievements in the field of Quality Outstanding

  • 2009

    Launch of New series of Timers, new product lines that include Thermistor relays, Frequency Monitoring Relays, Earth Leakage Relays, Impulse Counters, Flux Stabilizer and GSM based Lighting Management Console.

  • 2010

    Recipient of the prestigious ISQA Quality Commendation for Significant Achievement in Quality Management Systems Instituted by IEEMA

  • 2013

    Registration of Development facility Research & with DSIR.

  • 2014

    Incorporation of Vertical Injection Component Over-moulding Technology.

  • Our success delights us, indeed. However, we work with the conviction that the future holds much greater challenges for our team.

Company – Infrastructure

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

The driving engine for innovative product development is the Product Engineering Department, which is a collective mix of astute individuals belonging to disciplines such as Computer Science, Electronics, Instrumentation, Polymer and Tool Engineering. We direct all our efforts to create safe, eco-friendly, reliable and durable products.

The department handles:

  • Product Design
  • Electronics Hardware Development
  • Application Software Development
  • EMI/EMC and Product Safety Analysis
  • Firmware Development
  • Testing for production

Quality Management

Quality Management

GIC is ISO 9001:2000 certified and quality procedures are integrated into all areas and processes of production.

Statistical process control & various quality tools are extensively used for defect prevention. Our setup integrates the workflow under a single roof, covering everything in-house right from ideation to final delivery. Stringent checks throughout the process ensure faster turnaround with the desired quality, while also greatly facilitating customization.

Tool Design & Development

Tool Design & Development

Tool design and manufacturing forms an important aspect of GIC’s expertise. The tool room is equipped with EDM Wire cut machines of Japanese make, EDM small hole drilling machines, spark erosion machines, universal grinding machines and several other heavy duty, high precision machines to attain top notch quality tools and moulds.

Our experienced and talented team use cutting-edge technology like Solid Edge, Catia and Unigraphics for developing highly precise components of international style and quality.

Component Manufacturing

Component Manufacturing

Precision, speed and scalability, are characteristics that best define our technologically sophisticated component manufacturing facility.
GIC is an expert at manufacturing various injection moulded plastic and sheet metal components.
We’ve Installed a state-of-the-art component manufacturing facility equipped with Injection Moulding machines by international manufacturers like ARBURG and ENGEL. Auxiliaries such as Mould Temperature Controllers, Hot Air Dryers, Robotic Pick systems and Vacuum Loaders requiring minimum human intervention for its electronic automation products and customized products, have also been installed.

Product Assembly

Product Assembly

The assembly department is housed in an anti-static and dust free environment. Decked with a semi-automated production line, the assembly of a variety of products is done by highly skilled workers using an in-house designed software, hardware, test equipment, jigs and fixtures.
Automated Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) line is employed for manufacturing PCB. The SMT facility helps in minimising contamination and eliminates common defects like wrong polarity, dry solder, no solder and wrong component placement. This enhances the product quality, increases productivity and helps attain a cost effective production cycle with minimum lead-time in order execution.



The smart and ergonomic warehousing solution from Cardex has helped in the optimal use of space, thus ensuring that ever increasing storage needs are kept in check.

Associated Company

Esbee Electrotech LLP is engaged in the manufacture of an extensive range of products that cater to the needs of the general engineering, as well as white goods industry.

It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with International approvals like CE, CSA, VDE, UL, ‘S’ Mark, CSA and TUV. The company undertakes continuous in-house endurance testing, to ensure the products are high on reliability.

The industry product range includes 225 mm Push Buttons, Signalling Units, Tower Lights, Push Button Stations, Synchronous Motors and Industrial Fuses. The white goods product range on the other hand, includes Appliance Switches, Lamp Sockets, Miniature Switch and Wire Harness.

Company - Social Responsibility (CSR)

Committed to a Brighter Fututre

At GIC, we are committed to give back to society and have directed our efforts to help underprivileged children.
We extend our whole hearted support towards their basic education and medical treatment through Sukhal Bansilal Chordiya Charitable Trust, so each one of them can dream of a bright future.

Committed to a Greener Tomorrow

As an environmentally responsible company, we believe it is our duty to do our bit to safeguard the earth’s ecosystem. We always try to find innovative manufacturing solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, because we believe that our future generations should inherit a cleaner, greener planet.

At GIC, we endeavour to follow stringent processes to ensure minimum wastage of resources and the optimal use of energy. Right from a sensibly designed workspace that allows for maximum flow of natural daylight to help reduce power consumption, to a wastewater recycling facility that helps conserve water; we take an active environmental protection approach in all aspects of our business. Our passion doesn’t stop there, as we have also installed a couple of windmills near Pune.

All our processes are streamlined to minimize and eliminate the use of harmful waste, to make products that adhere to the latest product reference standards. By manufacturing moulds ingeniously, we’ve also reduced the use of plastic considerably.

All our products are CE certified and ROHS compliant.