Lighting Management Control

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Lighting Automation with using GSM Technology

GIC manufactures Lighting Management Systems that assists in the detection and control of energy levels. Easy to use, the innovative product helps in the optimal use of energy and utilises lighting facilities so as to save costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lighting Control System


Lighting Automation with using GSM Technology

  • Most of the “ASTRO” parameters can be set remotely using SMS queries. I.e. Output mode, Offset Hrs etc, UV, OV settings
  • Relay Output can be override remotely using SMS query
  • Energy Meter Functionality. Parameter like Load current, Supply voltage, Power, Energy can be known remotely
  • With the help of “Auto Error Code Update” following onsite error can be know remotely during output event
  1. Under Voltage
  2. Over Voltage
  3. Over Current
  4. Output actuator sharp
  5. Load Open
  • Maximum 5 valid users can access the system remotely, using GSM functionality
  • To avoid Remote module’s SIM theft, “SIM PIN” facility can be enabled remotely using SMS query
  • To avoid changes in system configuration by unauthorized user amongst valid users, important SMS queries are provided with “MODULE PIN” lock
  • Device supports for 12 to 14 digit mobile number. i.e. (10 Digit Mobile number + 2/3/4 digit country code)
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