Industrial Transport System Material Handling

Industrial Transport System Material Handling2019-09-30T14:38:28+05:30

Industrial Transport System Material Handling

Crane Application Using PTC Thermistor Relay, Timer, SPP


In E.O.T(Electric Overhead Travelling) Crane application, it is required to monitor overvoltage, under voltage, phase loss/phase unbalance and excessive heating in motor winding in order to prevent a motor from permanent damage. A delay is required to manoeuvre crane from forward to reverse position and vice versa.


In E.O.T Crane application various parameters are monitored by a combination of three products SPP (Single Phase preventer), PTC Thermistor Relay and signal ON/OFF delay timer. Any undesirable deviation in voltage level, set/rated current, phase unbalance/phase loss or excessive heating in motor winding due to extreme loads (i.e. steel bars, slabs, movable parts) are accurately sensed and the relay is tripped in order to protect Motor. An ON/OFF delay timer provides a necessary delay before manoeuvring crane from forward to reverse direction and vice versa. The trip conditions are effectively indicated on the display of the devices. Hence our products offer complete protection to the crane system.

  • Protect against Phase loss, Phase reversal and Phase asymmetry
  • Protection against overheating for heavy duty load, High switching frequency, High operating temperature & Insufficient cooling condition
  • Wide auxiliary supply voltage
  • Wide time range