Industrial Plugs and sockets

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Industrial Plugs & Sockets


ABL SURSUM product range includes:

  • Miniature Circuit Breakers,
  • Motor Protection Circuit Breakers,
  • DIN-rail panel products,
  • Small distribution boards,
  • Socket outlet combinations,
  • Plug and socket devices, built-in sockets, and appliance connection boxes,

With about 7,000 products ABL SURSUM can always offer the right solution for Building, Infra, Utilities, Industrial Installations, cable pre-assembly or switchgear engineering.

With its comprehensive and high-quality program, the company is one of the leading independent producers of electrical installation products in Germany.

Product quality is based both on a long tradition and comprehensive knowledge of the entire value chain process from one supplier: From product development to own tool, plant, and equipment engineering as well as single-part manufacturing in plastics and metal processing up to final assembly.

As a result, ABL SURSUM is able to guarantee a consistent, superior level of quality and to react flexibly to customer-specific requirements.

With its export of 50% and customers all over the world, ABL SURSUM has become well-known for providing high-quality electro technology, both nationally and internationally

System solutions with the highest reliability

CEE Plug connections from GIC ABL SURSUM can do more than simply transfer electricity. They effectively and reliably support you in everyday tasks because they can stand up to the harshest of conditions.

Regardless of cold, heat, dust, water or pressure/tensile/impact loads in the most diverse conditions under extreme use: You can rely on our products everywhere and on any occasion.
All products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality demands, intelligence, and engineering skill as well as with many years of experience. International certification by independent institutes and extensive testing procedures in our labs confirm our excellent level of quality. We provide the best connections.

Connections that remain sealed

Cold, damp or dirt— daily work always creates new endurance tests in which only sophisticated products can survive unscathed. CEE plug connections in a degree of protection lP67 are made of high-quality technical plastics (PA6 or PC/ABS) and have special characteristics for extreme applications.
Excellent impact resistance with a high degree of stiffness and strength are characteristic of our products – just like their high chemical resistance to many standard chemicals. Our products are, of course, free of cadmium and halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine) and conform to the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EG.

Connections which stand up to all sorts of weather

Neither extreme heat nor cold can harm products. They have a temperature resistance of -25 °C to +80 °C short-term (= up to 1 hour) even up to +100 00, and thus significantly exceed the requirements set down in IEC /EN 60309.
High weather resistance increases the level of quality with very good insulation characteristics and sets almost no limits when it comes to use. Great grip in any weather and if any situation—even with gloves.

Connections which are perfectly stable

CEE plug connections not only hold steady, they are also highly resilient. Their high disruptive strength, high wear resistance and great stability against external mechanical wear are just some of their advantages. Of course, they easily fulfill the specified 1K codes conforming to EN 50102. Their long life ensures an efficient investment in the highest quality.

Connections that stay safely together

Safety is a top priority. This is as true for installation as it is for servicing. Holders prevent unintended withdrawal via snapping-in of the hinged lid into the retaining lug or slot as well as the tried and true bayonet system in protection class IP67. Innovative cable screw connections with integrated strain relief, locking and kink protection, injected unteachable seals and closed easy-to-clean surfaces are further quality characteristics which define our products.


CEE Plug connections have safety standards that we are proud of — even under the toughest of conditions.

They impress with innovations and maximum technical efficiency right down to the last detail. That is how they make our products into solutions for the most demanding challenges. Screw less, centric strain relic’, double-secured box terminals, highly- conductive lamellar contacts and self-finding threads arc only some of the most important details that not only experienced professionals can appreciate.

  1. Lamellar spring
    • for low insertion extraction forces and minimum contact resistance via optimal contacting, self- cleaning
  2. Box terminal
    • for low insertion extraction forces and minimum contact resistance via optimal contacting, self- cleaning Large connection space, optimal, protective cable clamping, also for flexible cables without ferrules. two screws per contact
  1. Contact screws
    • all combi-slot screws accessible from one direction
    • undetectable, opened upon delivery
  2. Tool-less assembly
    • multi-ramp locking system
    • simple mounting, turning the connection housing locks it in place = time saving
  3. Demounting
    • Press down release button with the screwdriver (1.)
    • and push it under the plug (2.)
    • Turn the red connection part in the same direction (3.)
  1. Assembly is simple and quick with the help of the multi-ramp locking system:
    • Put the OPEN “labels of the top and bottom opposite each other and plug the top onto the bottom
    • Turn the top to the right until it locks in place —finished!
  1. Optimal strain relief
    • saves time during mounting
    • quick and easy cable teed
    • strain relief and sealing of the cable by tightly turning the screw connections
    • all standard cable types can be used
    • 100% sealing of the cable entry
    • optimal kink protection
    • unteachable screw connection

Connecting terminals

  • The tunnel terminals are designed for the following maximum conductor cross-sections:
Nominal current Conductor cross
flexible mm2 Stiff (single / multiple wire) mm2
4 6
6 10
16 25
50 70