Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning2019-09-30T14:39:34+05:30

Baking Application Using Temperature Controller PR 43


The critical part in the baking process is to control the temperature at an optimum level as per the specific process requirement.


PID temperature controller PR 43 from GIC is used to monitor and control outputs based on temperature inputs from (J&K)/RTD, 3-wire (Pt-100) sensors. Using PR 43 temperature controller with multiple control modes, desired temperature of baking process is achieved and maintained as per the specific process requirement. Temperature controller is used to precisely regulate the temperature of oven and ensure best quality of product output. The sensor open/break error and under/over range error are effectively sensed and displayed on the device. Heating process is optimized seamlessly by measuring and monitoring temperature in all these applications with the use of PR 43.

  • Highly accurate performance
  • Wide supply range 110-240 VAC, -20 to +10% of Un
  • Control output: Relay & SSR Drive

Ventilation System Control Using Genie-NX


In a labor intensive manufacturing unit there are multiple assembly lines with different operating cycles. For ergonomic working environment & optimal energy utilization, the ventilation and exhaust blower system is to be automatically controlled as per the worker shift timings.


The ventilation and exhaust blower system is automatically controlled by smart Relay Genie. The inbuilt time switch feature helps to control both the systems as per the worker shift timings. Both the systems will be turned ON/OFF as per the worker shift timings in each assembly line for the stipulated amount of time which results in an ample amount of energy saving. Due to a ventilation control system, the ambient temperature can be maintained thus resulting in a healthy work environment.

  • Supports up to 48 I/O s
  • Backlit LCD screen for display & modification of pre-selected parameter of functional blocks, viewing I/O status and programming on the device
  • PC software for programming, online & offline simulation, documentation and printing
  • DST feature available

Server Room AC Control Using Temperature Control Relay


In Commercial offices and data centers, it is required to control and monitor the temperature of server room in order to counterbalance the heat produced by servers thereby maintaining conducive operating environment.


Typically, in server rooms, computer and networking equipment are designed to operate within a fairly narrow temperature range. The Temperature control relay(TCR) from GIC is used to monitor and control the temperature within the required narrow limit. TCR is equipped with inbuilt temperature sensor which accurately senses the variation in the ambient temperature. Any undesirable deviation is accurately sensed and relay is actuated in order to give trip indication on the display of the device. In this way critical server failures are effectively prevented by our TCR.

  • 3 digit display for real-time temperature indication
  • User adjustable offset (-10˚C to +10˚C)
  • LED indication for relay trip